Macrolots, what are they and why invest in one?

mayo 18, 2022

Would you like to invest in a project that ensured the capital gain of your investment? Then a macrolot is a great option!

However, you are more than likely wondering what macro lots are and what their advantages are.

For this reason, we have prepared a post for you that will solve all your doubts.

What are macrolots?

At CBPark we have already talked about what an Industrial Park is, in addition to individually touching on the definition of industrial and commercial lots, but there is an equally important topic that we will talk about today: macrolots.

In a few words, a macrolot is a large piece of land located within a strategic area in order to ensure investors a great return in the future as it can be used for:

  • Build large developments.
  • Be divided and sorted into smaller lots to be marketed.
  • Resell to builders or developers.

In short, they are intended to be a source of investment.

What are its characteristics?

Macrolots have a series of characteristics that help us to identify them from other types of lots, some of which are:

  • The first is perhaps the most obvious of all, but it´s important to mention it: they are characterized by their large size.
  • They are an option for investors with a large capital.
  • They have great versatility.
  • They must be seen as long-term projects to get the maximum benefit from them.
  • Related to the previous point, they have a high yield.
  • They are located in strategic areas.

On the other hand, it´s important to remember that, as in everything, the characteristics may vary depending on where the land is located.

Why invest in a macrolot?

This type of land offers a great series of benefits for its investors, for this reason we have prepared a series of them for you:

  • They are ideal to maximize your profits.
  • They are extremely versatile in their use.
  • If they are located within an Industrial Park, they ensure legal certainty for their investors.
  • They are ideal for expanding a business or company.
  • The land by itself already has a great value.

Finally, remember that at CBPark we have industrial lots, commercial lots and macrolots.

The best of all? We are located in the Hunucmá industrial corridor, the area with the highest industrial growth in Yucatan!

Contact us and ensure the future of your investment.