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Environmental awareness is currently a key factor in all trades. Particularly in industry, it is crucial to underscore the importance of minimizing environmental impact as a top priority. This mindset towards industrial development is supported by government regulations at all levels, which provide clear and specific laws in favor of environmental conservation.

Industrial developers today aim to minimize environmental impact while maximizing the use of local natural resources. They propose a culture of sustainable practices and energy efficiency to guide the architectural design of industrial spaces and commercial infrastructure.

This culture shapes the premises that determine the design concept and execution process for building projects. It is crucial for the project developer to possess knowledge of techniques, eco-friendly materials, and strategies to optimize land use and natural resources.

Additionally, sustainability culture involves designing spaces that maximize natural light and ventilation to reduce electricity consumption. It is becoming more prevalent to use alternative energies such as solar power to provide electricity for all types of buildings and open spaces.

The soil in the designated area must possess the physical and geological attributes essential for developing industries. The area must meet certain geological standards to provide a secure environment under the established land use regulations for small or medium-sized companies.

When it comes to acquiring the required permits and licenses to build industrial constructions, local governments have a vital role in protecting the ecology and making good use of the region’s natural resources.

Industrial parks Merida must comply with the regulations established by the city and state of Yucatan for preserving and responsibly utilizing the region’s natural resources. Therefore, it is crucial to develop infrastructure and industrial projects that meet the environmental requirements set by local and state authorities.

Within industrial developments, it is crucial to establish proper infrastructure for water treatment, rainwater harvesting, and eco-friendly construction. This will enable us to make the most of solar energy and natural ventilation, thereby reducing our reliance on electrical energy and minimizing carbon emissions.

industrial parks Merida

Merida City’s Environmental Initiative

The Merida City Council has proposed an initiative called sustainable culture, aimed at educating residents on maximizing natural resources for conservation.

Climate change threatens not only the economy but also the preservation of humanity, thus making preservation a top priority for governments. Preserving the environment in habitable conditions is crucial for both local and global economies, securing a prosperous future for the population.

Merida, which has been acknowledged as the safest city in Mexico lately, boasts not only peace but also unparalleled natural resources.

The city government aims to educate its population to live conscientiously. It has started offering awareness workshops to promote a sustainable culture among its citizens.

The workshops were directed towards educational institutions, businesses, as well as public and private organizations. The topics aim to emphasize conscious citizenship to promote environmental preservation and the proper utilization of natural resources.

Topics covered include sustainable development, the significance of local flora and fauna, water conservation, and fostering a culture of recycling, reuse, and reduction. The local government proposes classifying and prioritizing the reduction of solid waste production through responsible consumption practices.

Environmental education and a sustainable culture are emphasized in Yucatan

As previously mentioned, the city of Merida’s government implements a program educating residents on natural resource conservation and responsible consumption to decrease solid waste output.

Yucatan is experiencing rapid economic growth, evidenced by recent increases in both foreign and domestic investment. This phenomenon is no accident, as the state enjoys a prime geographic location with unparalleled natural scenery that has made tourism and real estate vital contributors to the local economy.

It’s crucial to note that Yucatan boasts endemic ecosystems, which are a natural heritage not only for the region but for the entire world. Biospheres, including jungles, mangroves, cenotes, and beaches, adorned with archaeological sites, make them extraordinary. This makes the culture of responsible consumption and environmental care a matter of utmost significance for the state government.

The state has established norms for natural resource care and preservation in the industrial sector. The industrial parks Merida adhere to the regulations established by the state government for industrial project development in its municipalities.

Promoting sustainable industrial development is specifically aimed at utilizing clean energy sources and decreasing carbon emissions. In addition, companies are required to establish productive processes with the same culture and environmental awareness conservation, such as, protection, and management of ecological systems as the axis for the regulation of industrial activity in the state.

CBPark is a fully compliant industrial park

The CBPark industrial complex, strategically located in the Hunucmá Industrial Corridor, just ten minutes away from Merida. As one of the industrial parks Merida, CBPark adheres to local regulations concerning conservation and environmental care for industrial activity.

Infrastructure is established and maintained in CBPark to regulate and preserve natural resources during its development and construction. A rainwater collection system and a nursery with native plants were established to minimize the impact of park construction on the land.

Environmental preservation is a top priority for the park’s founders, which is why they have cultivated an eco-friendly culture within their facilities to prohibit industries such as textiles or chemicals that have a high impact on the environment from using the park’s facilities.

Because of its location, CBPark has three reserve water wells, one of the most valuable resources for industry and one of the scarcest in the world. CBPark has established land usage guidelines for small and medium-sized businesses through an internal committee of experts specializing in environmental care, engineering, and electricity.

CBPark, industrial parks Merida,  provides rapid access to the tractor-trailers of businesses established on-site, along with convenient connections to significant air, land, and sea routes in the area. Its infrastructure and location make it an attractive hub for transport and logistics businesses.

CBPark values companies’ understanding of the environmental regulations that govern the park. Adherence to legal norms set by government and public institutions is crucial to safeguarding the wellbeing of inhabitants, flora, and fauna of Yucatan state.

At our facilities, industries are fully informed of all relevant regulations and receive guidance from our experts to ensure compliance with local and state government environmental laws. CBPark is committed to welcoming medium and small companies that embrace sustainable environmental practices and incorporate responsible consumption into their processes to reduce solid waste.

If your company is committed to a sustainable and socially responsible culture and promotes a culture of conservation and care for the environment in its internal statutes, CBPark is the ideal industrial park for your productive activity.

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