Merida industrial zone

Today, Merida is one of the cities in southeastern Mexico that is experiencing constant economic growth. It enjoys a privileged geographic location and governments that have been able to support national and foreign investors for the benefit of the local economy.

Currently, Merida industrial zone has more than 10 industrial parks, with more than one thousand hectares available for industry, from plots for small and medium sized companies to plots for the construction of industrial buildings. The offer is wide, since it includes plots and spaces, both for rent and for sale.

In Merida, the migratory movement in recent years is mainly due to the following economic activities: real estate and machinery and precious metals manufacturing. Merida industrial zone is consolidating as one of the most promising for manufacturing in Mexico in the short term.

Merida is in the state of Yucatan, which is experiencing exponential economic growth; in 2023, FDI earnings will be reinvested in new investment projects and intercompany accounts. The countries that make the most direct investments in the state are undoubtedly the United States, Canada, and Spain.

In this regard, the Government of Merida has endeavored to maintain public safety in its territory, to educate its population in the preservation of species and to try to live within a culture of responsible consumption to protect natural resources, flora, and fauna.

Beyond its historical heritage, Merida is a cradle of endemic species, home to a biodiversity of extraordinary value for the world’s environmental balance. The local government has established environmental programs that aim to educate and provide the necessary information available to all citizens, for the welfare of the local environment.

Merida is an oasis for national and foreign investments

With the arrival of foreigners for various reasons; be it economic, work or family to the city, local businessmen and the government have taken on the task of creating residential areas with real estate offers for higher incomes than the regular local average. The famous Triangulo Dorado represents this exclusive area of apartments and buildings offered for such budgets.

With the arrival of new and different settlers, the construction of commercial areas and first-class service providers has increased. This new and exclusive residential area mainly includes areas such as Temozon Norte, Altabrisa, Campestre, to name a few.  These residential areas represent a modern Merida that adorns the northern area of the city.

With the creation of new commercial and residential spaces, job growth has been exponential and continuous at the state level. The creation of new sources of employment and labor registered monthly in the state is one of the highest at the national level.

Merida industrial zone

Merida’s industrial zone is growing exponentially

Merida is basically the most important in the state and has resources such as: the highest number of citizens with higher education, low turnover, and absenteeism rates. The population of Merida is a guarantee for investors who see in this city an opportunity for growth and development for their industrial activities.

The Merida industrial zone is growing and taking center stage, as industrial parks play a key role in industrial migration. It is important to emphasize that industrial complexes must have a first-class infrastructure, strategic location for optimal connectivity and have all the licenses to offer security to investors who migrate their activities.

Currently, the 4 active industrial zones in Merida are as follows.

  • Merida Industrial City – Unuma
  • Kansin Industrial Zone
  • Hunucmá Industrial Corridor
  • Progreso Industrial Zone

The city, through its government, offers support and facilities to national and foreign investors who see the industrial and commercial potential that positions us as one of the best cities to invest in the country.

Due to its location, air, land and sea connections, Merida represents a profitable option for any industrial activity. The Industrial Parks have large areas available for commercial use, industrial plots to build to size or with specific measures and easy to adapt to a specific space, both to buy and to rent.

Domestic and foreign industrialists can count on a local government that is open and ready to support their commercial activity, through an educated, certified, and committed population that provides security for business activities and local economic growth.

CBPark, unique in the region

Located in the Merida industrial zone, it is part of one of the industrial parks located in one of the newest industrial corridors of the city, CBPark stands out not only for its first-class infrastructure, strategic location, but also for having all the licenses and permits required by both local and state authorities that ensure the commercial, industrial, and logistic activities of investors in our facilities.

The Hunucmá Industrial Corridor is one of the newest industrial developments in the city’s industrial zones. It has high air, land, and sea connectivity, with easy access to the city’s main highways, located close enough to the urban area and far enough out to facilitate the maneuvering of trucks and logistics processes of the industrialists located there.

Its proximity to the city provides quality skilled labor and local service providers. CBPark has the advantages of location, infrastructure and first-class facilities that domestic and foreign industries require for their commercial activities today.

The infrastructure offered by CBPark includes, but is not limited to, the following services and facilities: mobility system with the necessary specifications for maneuvering trucks both inside and outside the park.

Fiber optic, voice, and data facilities are available at the bottom of the lot. Water, natural gas, and electricity through local utilities that provide timely connection and follow-up services to resident industries.

It is important to note that CBPark has a committee of experts, including engineers, architects, and electricians, who guarantee the safety and optimization of the services and resources offered in the park.

It is important to mention that the installation of services and licenses of use are not a pending issue to be resolved by the new residents of the complex, since the Park has already prepared all the offers that support and guarantee the industrial or commercial activities of the investors.

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