Construction of industrial buildings

It is important to start by talking about the need for the construction of this type of building, it is understood that the construction of industrial buildings meets the need for a space that houses commercial production processes, staff, machinery, and raw materials.

Now, within the industrial buildings there are some variants, there are completely new or existing industrial plants that can be adapted to the current needs of infrastructure or space that the company needs.

Among the factors that determine the construction of industrial buildings, we can mention the changes in the different markets, as well as the own needs of the companies, it is important that engineers and businessmen are on the same page, because within the perspective of the construction project should be considered not only the current needs of the company, but also the future ones as much as possible.

In terms of design, it is important to understand that in industrial buildings it is usually preferable to have only one floor, but with large uninterrupted spaces, as there are maneuvering needs and heavy machinery that require specific spaces to operate.

It is extremely important to recognize that some of the improvements in the construction of industrial buildings lie precisely in the good management of their costs. Factors such as optimization and automation in construction are fundamental to providing an efficient and safe building for the operation in general.

It is common for industrial buildings to be not only single story, but also to have steel superstructures, or structural steel, which, through skilled labor and the right technology, allow for fast, efficient, and optimal construction.

Today, industrial buildings are used to house manufacturing automotive, mining, metallurgical and aeronautical operations.

Factors to consider before building

The most important is the cost of land; if the city or state in which the industry wishes to relocate or establish its productive activity has a real estate market with high capital gains, this may be a factor against the project.

Another important factor is the flexibility and availability of materials, structures, infrastructure, and services that the land may or may not have.

Among the considerations is the connectivity of the land location if the main routes are easily accessible and represent an asset for the distribution and logistics of the operation.

It is important to know the industrial complex, to go physically and compare the overall possibility of efficiency of both construction and growth in terms of space and appropriate infrastructure to meet the future needs of the company.

construction of industrial buildings

Yucatan is a land of exponential growth

Yucatan has shown constant exponential growth in recent years, especially in terms of foreign direct investment. It is currently the safest state in the country, with constant migration, both national and foreign.

Undoubtedly, the security and well-being that is breathed in the territory of Yucatán make the difference in the search for investors for commercial or domestic purposes in the state. In Merida, the capital of the state, the creation of industrial parks or zones is on the rise, as the city has not only positioned itself as the second safest in the country, but also offers the ideal climate for families and their life project, as well as for businessmen looking for growth in their commercial project.

It is thanks to these factors that economic growth in the region has been maintained and continues to increase. The need to satisfy the demand for housing and living space for a population with greater economic scope is a reality.  This event generates the creation of new sources of employment for all trades in the region.

In recent years, Yucatan and Mérida have demonstrated the territorial and infrastructural capacity to meet the needs of the constant migration to the region. It is important to note that the management of the state’s skilled and professional workforce, despite the high demand, continues to be economically accessible, as well as real estate. Access to land for industrial or residential use is not a disadvantage for private or commercial investors.

Yucatan still has the perfect combination of skilled labor and cheap land compared to other states. Studies of labor behavior have shown that the local skilled labor force has low levels of turnover and absenteeism.

These behavioral factors of the economically active population represent one of the most important assets of the Yucatán territory, since they offer security in the economic-labor activity of industrialists who migrate to the state.

Residential or commercial property and the construction of industrial buildings are protagonists of the local economy. As property is the only asset that does not lose value over time, it is important to emphasize the increase in value that land can have in each location.

What is it that makes the growth in value and the rapid return on investment for the investor? Obviously, and before any other factor, the cost per square meter is the determining factor for any person before purchasing any type of property.

CBPark location and capital gain

Before we talk about the return on investment, we need to talk about the factors that determine the decision to buy land or industrial property. The most important factor is the location, which must have easy access to the mainland, air, or sea routes to optimize the logistics and production system of the businessman.

Another decisive factor is, of course, that the chosen location has official support, that the governments and authorities of the region are open and have alliances with businessmen to facilitate tenders and national or foreign investments.

CBPark is an industrial park that has the permits or licenses required by local or state authorities and institutions for the construction of industrial buildings and commercial development. In the case of the State of Yucatan, environmental protection and impact are a determining factor in the permits requested for industrial activity.

Yucatan has a government initiative that aims to educate through its government institutions, the private and public sectors to promote a community of responsible consumption and reduce the production of solid waste in the environment.

In addition to this legislative proposal, the heritage to be taken care of is not only environmental, but also historical, since the State territory is a cultural heritage due to the number of archaeological sites in its territory.

It is of the utmost importance that the land or industrial plots, and the complexes that offer and manage them, count, and show investors all the offers to guarantee the legality of their activities and ensure their operation.

CBPark has the necessary infrastructure to provide an optimal and guaranteed service to the industrial activity that is looking for a new investment in the region. It is worth mentioning that Merida has the great advantage of having access not only to national markets, but also to those of the United States, mainly states such as Texas, Florida, and the East Coast, due to its proximity.

However, foreign migration does not only come from these neighboring states, but also from Spain and the United Kingdom. It is important to note that this foreign migration has created the need for governments and the national private sector to be prepared to provide the appropriate services and advice to keep foreign investment in the state.

It is very important to mention that CBPark is not only characterized by the infrastructure and commercial facilities required by important international companies, but also by the physical facilities and important residents in its facilities.

CBPark has commercial and industrial facilities at the foot of the plot. Strategically located for easy access to any connecting road, Merida, the capital of the state, provides skilled labor and services close enough and diverse enough to meet the needs of residents in the park.

The strategic proximity to the state capital provides the housing, services, and products necessary to accommodate national and foreign professionals who migrate to the region to work.

In terms of facilities, CBPark represents a unique construction of industrial buildings of its kind, for factors that define its effectiveness and profitability. Roads that meet the dimensional requirements necessary to ensure the maneuverability and logistics of the occupants inside and outside the park.

CBPark has a committee of professionals in charge of advising investors; as experts and professionals in their field, they guide investors in complying with the legal requirements necessary for renting, selling, or constructing industrial buildings, thus ensuring their smooth operation.

In CBPark, the plots are modular, with a minimum size of 2500 m2, and their shape makes them easily adaptable to the industrial space and its operational activity. We stand out for the tranquility and security of a permanent industrial complex that you can come and visit.

To learn more about the infrastructure and facilities that CBPark has to offer, do not hesitate to contact us by phone on (999)1354235 or write to us at the following e-mail address , we will be happy to give you all the information you need.