Merida industrial park

The idea of building industrial parks arose from the need to provide efficient spaces for the production and logistics processes of companies. With the growing demand for products and their distribution, it was necessary to create spaces with strategic locations, adequate facilities, services for industrial use, and roads adapted for commercial and industrial transportation.

In the past, industrial parks were located within urban sprawl, which created conflicts for both industry and citizens. Companies did not have adequate and safe facilities for their productive activities. Neighbors could be affected by the logistics of tractor-trailers loading or unloading goods because the roads in a neighborhood do not have the necessary dimensions for maneuvering cargo trucks.

In addition, not only was the air polluted, but also the environment in general, with excessive carbon emissions. Bad smells and constant problems in the pipes were the daily bread for the neighbors of the industries installed in their neighborhood and what to say about the health problems that this caused.

The sewerage systems were seriously affected because they were domestic installations and were affected by corrosive or highly concentrated chemicals. The need to designate an exclusive area for industrial activity was imminent.

Industrial parks emerge as the space allocated and delimited for business activity. These areas were designed exclusively to provide services and facilities for industrial use. The infrastructure of these areas had to comply with the material and dimensional specifications suitable for the productive and logistic processes of the industry.

Therefore, industrial parks become the space that would house industries and companies for their commercial activities, located outside the urban area but strategically close to the main access roads to provide good connectivity for producers, suppliers, and labor.

Today, industrial parks are becoming increasingly popular facilities throughout the country because, in addition to providing the infrastructure, land use and amenities necessary for business operations, they also offer the agreements and licenses that local and state governments require from businessmen to carry out their economic activities.

In the Southeast of Mexico, CBPark is positioned as the only one of its kind, our park is a prestigious Merida Industrial Park in the region.

Mérida industrial park

Yucatan as an exponential focus of investment

In recent years, the State of Yucatan has distinguished itself as the safest in Mexico, and thanks to this distinction, national and foreign investors have set their eyes on the State. It is well known that one of the factors that determine the purchase of any property is its location, for the geographical advantages it offers, as well as the security of such a location.

First of all, when a businessman is looking for a location for his commercial activity, security is a factor that determines his decision, it is about protecting his property and operational safety in all respects.

Industrial parks are governed by very specific policies, infrastructures, services, facilities, and regulations. This is what guarantees production and a good partnership between the private and public sectors. It is important that the industrial complex has a committee of professionals to ensure that the projects developed there comply with the specifications of the park and local laws.

Being a Merida Industrial Park, in the case of CBPark, means having a legal responsibility with the local and state authorities to ensure the industrial activities of the residents that are housed there, another factor that distinguishes us is that we follow the statutes imposed by the Environmental Protection Law of the State of Yucatan to protect the ecological heritage of the region and reduce the impact on the local flora and fauna.

CBPark has the infrastructure, services, amenities, licenses and permits necessary for local and state authorities to provide support to investors seeking space in its facilities.

State authorities are looking for alliances that will boost the region’s economy and provide a source of sustainable income for the local population and service providers, hence the importance of teamwork in both the public and industrial sectors.

For this reason, industrial complexes must comply with the regulations established by local and state authorities. At CBPark Merida Industrial Park, we have all the necessary licenses and permits, infrastructure and guarantee of establishment in order.

CBPark strategic location, first class infrastructure and connectivity

Merida has the distinction of being the safest city in the country, an award it has held for several consecutive years. CBPark is strategically located just minutes from the city, close enough to utilize local service providers and skilled labor at low cost, because even though the city is undergoing exponential economic development, labor is still relatively cheap.

Mérida industrial park

Similarly, even with the constant investment in the state by foreigners and nationals, land is still relatively accessible compared to other markets. This is a great advantage for both developers and companies looking for a location for their operations, as skilled labor is not a challenge in terms of investment costs.

CBPark is part of the complexes located in the Hunucmá Industrial Corridor, with easy access to the main land routes and just minutes away from Merida International Airport and Puerto Progreso, currently the largest container port in the country.

Because of its location, CBPark represents an excellent investment point for industrialists from all over the country and the U.S. East Coast. The Park has a world-class infrastructure with zoning for small and medium-sized businesses. Land-side facilities and ready-to-connect utilities are a great advantage for prospective residents.

The plots are in modular form, this to have the availability of space that customers need for their business activity. Within our park we have a committee of expert engineers, architects, and electricians to advise our investors.

In this way, the businessman makes sure to comply with the laws and regulations required by the authorities and to abide by the internal regime of the park. This will be reflected in the total legality for the companies established there.

Among the amenities, we can mention the nursery of native plants created to reduce the impact on the local flora and fauna, as well as a passage for the fauna of the region.

Services include controlled access and 24/7 security, as well as internal and external parking lots with the necessary dimensions for the maneuvering of tractor-trailers. Roads with the necessary dimensions to facilitate the logistic processes of the local companies.

CBPark, a Merida Industrial Park, has a total area of 138 hectares, divided into three sections with modular plots starting from 2500 m2, which, due to their shape, offer flexibility of adaptation according to the needs of the industrial activity of small and medium-sized companies.

CBPark is one of the best industrial parks in the region due to its air, land, and sea connections. For being strategically located in the Hunucmá Industrial Corridor, minutes away from the city of Merida. For having all the licenses and permits required by local and national authorities. For having an internal committee of professionals who advise and ensure the development and logistic activities of the industries located in the complex.

We invite you to learn more about CBPark, a first-class industrial park in Merida, if you have any questions or want to know more in detail about our project and the benefits you can get by settling with us, do not hesitate to contact us at (999) 135 4235 or write to our email