Rent of industrial buildings

Before we start telling you all about the rent, characteristics, supply, costs and so on in relation to industrial buildings, it is important to talk about what it refers to and what types of industrial buildings exist or are most common in the market.

What are industrial buildings?

Industrial buildings are sometimes understood as large spaces that are used as industrial warehouses, warehouses to store machinery or goods for commercial use. It is also understood that there are buildings that have specific refrigeration facilities and although they may seem similar, industrial buildings or warehouses have their particularities depending on the commercial line of business for which they are used.

Formally, there are at least five types of industrial buildings, and when we talk about types, we are talking about specific characteristics. So, let’s start with the characteristics that distinguish these buildings.

There are those that serve as distribution centers, large warehouses for goods. For this type of building, the location of the industrial complex is even more important for obvious reasons.

On the other hand, there is the most popular line of business for which these buildings are used, manufacturing, it is known that Mexico is the oasis for this market, the borders of our country are plagued with manufacturing companies from all over the world.

There are also those who offer rent of industrial buildings for cold storage, data centers and flex buildings, open spaces to make the adaptations and distribution of space according to the needs of the industry and / or company.

In the offer of rent of industrial buildings is of utmost importance to have enough space to meet the short, medium, and long term needs of companies in terms of flexibility of space, this includes size and functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at the uses for an optimal industrial space search. If the company is in the manufacturing sector, it is common to choose warehouse-type spaces with high ceilings and open spaces to be able to maneuver light machinery inside the warehouse.

Now, if business is technological, the space must be optimized to create rows for computer equipment, servers, and telecommunications equipment. The industrial building space must be adequate for a data center.

rent of industrial buildings

Why invest in an industrial park?

Again, industrial parks that offer construction flexibility have advantages in meeting the needs of different markets, since it is not only a matter of optimizing space, but also of complying with the labor and operational safety guidelines required by law to safeguard the operational, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, or sales processes, depending on the industrial business housed there.

It is therefore important to have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the industrial parks, their facilities and infrastructure. Another point to know and verify is that it has the land use permits, as well as the licenses required for the commercial processes that are housed in the park.

Yucatan and its offer in terms of rent of industrial buildings

The rent of industrial buildings in Yucatan is growing steadily and exponentially. There are several factors for this growth, if we talk about the residential real estate market the increase in demand and variety corresponds to the growth in labor migration to the state.

With the rise in the economy, business migration, domestic and foreign industrial migration, the real estate market is both residential and industrial and of course, commercial. The supply is varied and full. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in foreign direct investment in the state.

The state and municipal governments in Yucatan have formed alliances to support and encourage industrial and commercial migration to their territories. Add to this the fact that Yucatan is the safest state in Mexico and that its capital, Mérida, is number two in the same ranking, and it is not surprising that the region is experiencing constant and exponential economic growth.

With these data in mind, let’s talk about the investors who are turning their attention to the State of Yucatán because they find in the territory of Yucatán the social and economic security that guarantees the productivity of their business in the short and medium term.

The listings for rent of industrial buildings in the state offer a wide range of industrial buildings for rent. Now let’s talk about supply, because Yucatan has a wide range of industrial buildings located in corridors or industrial parks, mostly near the capital.

In Merida, the state capital, there are currently four active industrial corridors. It is important to mention that they cover diverse and different alternatives. As always and everywhere, it is of the utmost importance to be able to visit the industrial complexes and see what real estate offers, infrastructure and facilities really are.

In this sense, the projects that make the difference are those that do not only have all the permits and licenses at the local, state, and national levels. Physical visits are a decisive factor in the decision to lease industrial buildings.

In one of these four active industrial parks is the Corredor Industrial Hunucma, where CBP is located, an industrial park with plots with land use permit with 2500m2 in a modular way to offer flexibility to adapt the spaces according to the needs of the industrial or commercial line of business.

Get to know CBP

CBP offers world-class infrastructure and facilities, wide roads with specific dimensions for safe and productive mobility inside and outside the park, and world-class amenities.

Services within the park include voice and data installation, storm drainage, rainwater harvesting and lot services ready for connection to the provider of the client’s choice. Another important point is that our facilities are perfectly monitored with a closed-circuit security system and 24/7 access control.

Perimeter fencing throughout the project and an internal committee of professionals who advise, guide, and accompany during all stages of development of the construction and infrastructure of the lots. This committee not only ensures that the constructions comply with all internal requirements, but also with the commercial and industrial building permits required by local, state, and national governments.

For this reason, we recommend a visit to our strategic location, with easy access to the main air, land, and sea routes, for the convenience of nationals and foreigners looking for the ideal place for their economic activity.

If you are interested in touring our facilities and park, please contact us at (999)1354235 or email us at We will gladly provide you with all the necessary information.