Merida business park

The significance of Merida business park is not lost on today’s local and national governments, who prioritize sectors that drive economic growth. Cities aim to have robust economies with a steady flow of money to facilitate local expansion.

Among Yucatan’s various economic sectors, Merida’s stands out for its noteworthy economic progress. Nothing is a coincidence. The constant growth and potential of the local economy in the state capital is primarily attributed to the influx of foreign direct investment in recent years.

However, what draws more and more nationals and foreigners to Merida can be explained by two factors: the price per square meter of land is lower than most regions in the country, and the skilled labor force is readily available to both national and foreign employers.

Thanks to these factors, Merida and the state of Yucatan offer an excellent investment opportunity. Moreover, the region’s strategic location provides convenient access to major land, air, and sea routes. In terms of security and location, the State of Yucatan is a commercial oasis for nationals and foreigners.

The industrial parks have delimited areas for commercial activities and specific areas have been assigned to guarantee the daily life of the citizens. In terms of infrastructure, the installations required by law have been made for the proper functioning of the industrial operation and to avoid damage to the domestic environment and pollution.

Undoubtedly, it is important for the mental health of the citizens to promote the local economy without affecting the local life and routine. This factor keeps the city away from the crime rates of other states or major cities in the country.

CBPark a Mérida industrial park

Within the capital city, there are designated areas for industrial development to accommodate business activities. Merida business park provides secure employment and investment opportunities for both locals and foreigners.

Skilled professionals can expect to find suitable job offers in these spaces, which are purposefully designed to house the operational and productive activities of various industries in this region. This is an additional attraction for investors, as it is undoubtedly a win-win situation for them and for professionals looking for safe working and living conditions.

Currently, the capital has four active industrial parks, with the most recent one being CBPark situated in the Hunucmá Industrial Corridor. And it enjoys a special distinction in terms of safety, as the city is the second safest in Mexico.

CBPark has the services, amenities, permits, and licenses required by local and state authorities, which are looking for business alliances to boost the state economy. Industrial parks are governed by specific infrastructure policies, factors that determine investors’ decisions.

Merida business park

CBPark embodies a project with top-notch infrastructure, and through its location, infrastructure, and internal management, it serves as an excellent representative of the Merida business park. The industrial complex possesses all the necessary licenses and permits for commercial and productive activities, making it a prime growth opportunity for investors seeking expansion of their companies.

Over the past few years, the industrial parks in the region have made progress and CBPark’s outstanding amenities and services provide opportunities to foreign industrialists with first world demands for facilities, infrastructure, and services.

The proximity between CBPark and the capital city provides investors with a broad pool of skilled labor. Additionally, Merida boasts the highest percentage of highly educated individuals in the state. Another crucial aspect to consider is the region’s low absenteeism and turnover, which is lower than other states or capital cities.

Undoubtedly, the Merida business park presents an excellent opportunity for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs seeking suitable production facilities. In addition to meeting the necessary physical requirements, locating in Merida offers the added advantage of being situated in the country’s second safest city for several years.

Ensuring labor, operation, and social security is crucial as these factors directly impact the success or failure of any investment. These factors attract many foreigners to Merida. The rising trend of foreign migration is creating a growing demand for various employment opportunities. Local service providers and national energy institutions are collaborating to ensure the necessary supply and power conditions are met for the region’s rapidly expanding industrial sectors.

The Environmental Protection Law works diligently to clarify environmental statutes and minimize the impact on local flora and fauna. This is achieved through educating the population on responsible consumption and specifying permits for industrial activity on Yucatecan soil.

The Merida business park only allows sustainable industrial activities, reflecting the importance of the locals’ well-being over monetary gain. There is a prior instance of valuing and cherishing natural resources. At CBPark, a nursery was established to feature native plants and mitigate soil impact resulting from commercial use of the land.

It is essential to emphasize that the construction and commercial adaptations within CBPark receive guidance and coordination from the Internal Committee of Engineers, Architects, and Electricians specializing in local land use. The aim is to mitigate environmental impact and ensure operational activity for the investors housed in the complex.

The modular land layout provides flexibility to entrepreneurs who need to adapt spaces consistently. Investors have access to 24/7 closed-circuit security. CBPark is a Merida business park with 138 hectares, and land-side facilities with ready-to-connect utilities.

Close to Puerto Progreso, which is the main container port in the country. This proximity allows easy access to the east coast of the United States, further expanding the commercial benefits for foreign and domestic investors. The facilities offer both internal and external parking with lanes suitable for tractor-trailer maneuvering to ensure operational safety in all directions.

The legality of our facilities upholds the financial health of our residents. Possessing all necessary permits mandated by local, state, and national authorities precludes the investor from paying fines and guarantees the well-being of the productive flow.

Merida looks forward to welcoming you. We invite you to discover more about CBPark, a top-notch industrial park in Merida. For any inquiries or further details about our project and the benefits of joining us, please reach out to us at (999) 135 4235 or via email at