Industrial warehouses

An industrial warehouse is a space built specifically for productive units, which include employees, production equipment, materials, production machinery, packaging machinery, loading and storage machinery.

All industrial activities, from administration to storage of goods, take place in these industrial units. The purpose of these units is to provide spaces appropriate to the needs of the activities of companies in the industrial sector, making their development easier and more efficient.

Some characteristics of the industrial sites are the perimeter zones, parking areas and areas for waste collection. You can distinguish an industrial building by the uses it provides, which are key in production and supply chains.

Industrial buildings are used to store goods or to provide industrial space for production chains. Whether long or short term, some units are used to collect, pack and dispatch orders on a daily basis.  Other industrial units provide space for manufacturing, inventory tracking and/or goods flow processes.

CBPark has the infrastructure needed for any industrial activity required for small and medium businesses, the land use permit to legalize all industrial activities and has the approval of the city and state authorities.

CBPark’s industrial units are the best option in the southeast of Mexico due to their location, in-house administration, warehouse management system, security, and space optimization. CBPark offers industrial space to support all labor, manufacturing, production, storage, loading and distribution activities.

Industrial unit physical structure and foundation

As we mentioned, industrial buildings are to support all types of industrial activities. An industrial unit structure must provide the right space whether for manufacturing or stocking finished goods.

An industrial warehouse consists of administrative facilities, storage areas, production spaces, parking areas inside and outside the industrial buildings, security, perimeter zones, garbage, and waste collection area, as well as space for product sales and exhibition.

Industrial Warehouse

Industrial buildings foundation determines the possible activities that industries can carry out within their facilities.

There are various considerations that determine the optimal conditions for an industrial building. The industrial building must be strategically located for quick and easy access to the main roads, ports or airports in the area.

Additionally, the size of the industrial warehouse should be designed specifically to meet the needs of the business.  The size will depend on the activity of the company. The industrial unit must be large enough to accommodate machinery with the safety standards required for its use and handling.

As some small or medium-sized industries handle heavy machinery, compliance with legal infrastructure requirements is essential to ensure the safety of employees and the equipment itself. The safety measures also include the storage of goods inside the industrial building.

Utilities in industrial buildings must be under the appropriate licenses to provide effective, optimal and safe services to the industrial sector.

Know CBPark

CBPark’s strategic location allows for easy and quick access to the primary air, land and sea routes in the area. The infrastructure is licensed by city and state authorities for small and medium-sized company’s industrial activities.

The innovation in industrial building design features is remarkable. Before we start listing the characteristics that distinguish an industrial building. Let’s take a look at where the need to build, design and improve industrial facilities comes from.

It all goes back to ancient civilizations and the need to store surplus goods and crops. Throughout history, civilizations have created spaces to store and preserve their goods. Since then, we had to carefully consider the location, as it dictated the optimization of resources for both product handling and distribution.

We made a conscious effort with industrial companies in choosing the best location to ensure efficient operations. CBPark meets the infrastructure characteristics that guarantee the investment of buyers or lessors, whether you buy to live or as an investment, CBPark is a symbol of legality and added value.

CBPark stands for strategic location, land, air, and sea connectivity. Necessary permits and licenses are available at CBPark for the trouble-free operation of your business.

CBPark has world-class infrastructure and services that make it unique in the region. The industrial buildings within CBPark have been built and designed to meet the needs and requirements of small and medium business activities. Additionally, CBPark provides 24/7 security and a controlled access gate to guarantee the safety of your goods and products.

As an investor, it is crucial to be aware that CBPark’s the industrial warehouses built in CBPark are located in one of the safest areas of the State of Yucatán, Mexico. CBPark is ten minutes away from the capital of the state of Yucatan, which has shown an exponential growth in foreign investment in recent years and is experiencing a constantly growing economy.

Yucatan continues to be an attractive location for investors, however, as land and labor costs remain lower than in other regions of the country. For this reason, The CBPark industrial park has been chosen by foreign companies of Japanese, Canadian and French origin, as well as national ones, we have been chosen by leading Japanese and domestic companies. It is important to have the necessary natural resources for business activities now and in the future.

That is why we are a forward-thinking and innovative development, standing out from the competition, because since the construction of our industrial buildings, services such as optical fiber, pluvial and hydraulic networks have been located at the foot of the land.

We have foreseen the need for a rainwater collection and reuse system. We also considered the importance of parking both inside and outside our industrial complex to facilitate the distribution and logistics processes of our tenants.

One advantage that sets us apart from our competitors is that we are a tangible asset, open to your visit at any time. CBPark cordially invites you to tour our facilities, witness our exceptional infrastructure and security measures, and experience our top-notch services.

If you are interested in buying or renting a property, or becoming one of our proud owners, please do not hesitate to contact us on (999) 135 4235 or send us an email at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and send you any information you may require about our business park.