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Do you know what an industrial corridor is?

mayo 19, 2022

At CBPark we are located within the Hunucmá industrial corridor, the area with the highest industrial growth in Yucatan!

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What is the so-called light industry?

mayo 18, 2022

We hear about light industry all the time, but do you really know what it is and what its characteristics are?

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Macrolots, what are they and why invest in one?

At CBPark we have already talked about industrial lots, but today it´s time to talk about macrolots. Do you already know what they are?

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Do you know what a commercial lot is?

We have already talked about what an industrial lot is; however, it is also important to talk about what a commercial lot is.

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Industrial lots… what are they?

diciembre 8, 2021

At CBPark we have the best and most complete industrial lots in the Southeast of Mexico, but do you already know what this type of land is?

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