Why invest in Yucatán?

diciembre 8, 2021

Learn why Investing in Yucatan is an increasingly better option.

Yucatan is a state that is constantly growing and developing in various aspects, such as: location, infrastructure, connectivity, human capital, industrial development, safety and quality of life.

The real estate sector in Mexico is a safe way to invest, coupled with this the inclusion of the Real Estate and Infrastructure Trusts (REIT ) in Yucatan has provided great liquidity for businesses.


  • 1# in the National Ranking in perception of public safety.
  • State without kidnappings.
  • No container theft in the last 20 years.
  • No strikes.
  • State with the lowest percentage of homicides nationwide.
  • Peace index similar to countries like: Iceland, New Zealand and Austria.


  • High maritime, air and land connectivity.
  • Shipping platform to Central and South America.
  • It´ s the closest point in Mexico to the United States and Europe.


  • 14th national place in 2018 competitiveness index.
  • 4.3% economic growth (5th. National place).
  • Yucatan manufacturing growth in the last 4 years was 30.6%, the highest average in the country.
  • 5th. place in regulatory improvement.
  • Foreign direct investment of 1,116.5 million USD in the last 6 years.


  • 11 industrial zones.
  • More than 900 hectares available.
  • 6th. national place of internet access, fiber optic.
  • Connection to a 700 km 24-inch wide gas pipeline with a capacity of 240 million cubic feet per day.
  • Abundance of water with the lowest cost in Mexico.
  • 5 Generating Plants with voltage at 230Kv, in Low, Medium and High voltage

It is for this reason that Investing in Yucatan is a great option. It is a state that is becoming a platform to establish companies of international scope.

Learn more about our industrial park and visit our map of available lots!

Source: State Government of Yucatán.